Otaku Thursdays

The first meet of its kind which was started some years ago for two reasons.


The First was to bring a a scattered community together. Those who love cars and love anime all the same.
The second reason was to offer an in person sales venue for local artists, slap and merch designers and itasha designers like myself to sell their products.

After almost two years I shut it down as no longer had a need for it and it was also getting in the way of my work at the time.

 Fast forward another two years and I’ve decided to reopen the gates of weebery.

 With a new more open and better lit host venue, there even grater food options and offers indoor and outdoor merch vendor areas.


2019 Event Dates

8/29  |  9/12  |  9/26  |  10/10  |  10/24  |  11/7  |  11/21  |  12/5  |  12/19

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Cravings by 99 Ranch Market
4024 Grand Ave., Chino, California 91710


Every Other Thursday

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